Rebecca Burt



The Eden collection is very organic and directional, having a sense of flow and movement to each piece. The collection is made up of silver, oxidized silver and 18ct gold, with highlights of precious and semi precious stones. Each piece is made completely by hand, often allowing the process of making to determine the final form of the piece.



The Bloom collection is a series of silver pieces made up of jewellery and silversmithing. The collection consists of a repeated organic pattern which manipulates the surface of the silver to create an almost lace like appearance, making something quite strong seem tactile and delicate. Part of this collection is the award wining ‘Frecked Blooms’ necklace (top right) which won the Young Designer award at Jacobs the Jewellers in 2017. The necklace is made up of a series of silver overlapping units with a scattering of 18ct gold freckles which lightly reflect on the silver to give it a warm and budding appearance.